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Why would you ever go to a chiropractor?

How many times have you heard that wonderfully cryptic comment? Chiropractic certainly has what appears to be a rather checkered reputation for being unscientific, painful, dangerous and expensive. On top of that, they keep you coming back forever and “you know, they aren’t real doctors.” So why has chiropractic survived for  over 120 years if the above is so true and why do more and more people continue to seek out this type of care.

The answer is simple: It works. No other health profession has been scrutinized more closely and passed the test of scientific examination. As for painful and dangerous, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from the sensationalism created around a few isolated incidents, statistically, this therapeutic intervention is safer than many over the counter pharmaceuticals and with significantly less side effects. Usually the worst consequence of a chiropractic treatment is that you feel better. As for the expense, for the amount of “face-time” spent one on one with the doctor in the treatment exchange in combination with the complimentary therapies that usually accompany a chiropractic clinical experience, the cost is actually significantly less that other comparable services. In a world where often the text describing the side effects of a prescribed intervention far outweighs the listed benefits, chiropractic is safe, pleasant and empowering. In a country where health care is perceived as free, why would people reach into their pockets and pay for a service that didn’t work. If a brand of soap failed to clean your hands, would you buy it again?  People come back and pay for no other reason than it works. Yes some people require long term care, not unlike medical treatment for many chronic or permanent conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The fact remains that on average a successful chiropractic intervention takes between 8-12 visits, and independent studies find patient satisfaction with the experience to more than justify the cost. For the treatment of back pain, neck pain and headache, chiropractic is a natural at any age.

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