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Why Dieting Just Doesn't Work!

The word dieting has the word “die” in it, and for this reason alone, dieting is simply just not right.

Every diet works, it does not matter what diet you use; you will lose weight at least for the short term.

Why don’t diets work?   

  • No clearly defined goals

  • Diets alone rarely work

  • Genetic markings

  • Weight gain is more often a symptom not a disease

When is weight gain a symptom and not the disease?

  • Emotional factors

  • Stress factors

  • Self image

  • Peer pressure/cultural factors

How do I find out why I am heavy? What am I doing wrong?

  • Assess eating habits, when, what, how much

  • Look at your self-talk

  • Do a SWOT analysis

  • What is it about being heavy that makes me feel good

  • What is it about being heavy that makes me feel bad?

  • What is really stopping me from achieving my goal?

How do I make this work?

  • Understand why

  • Commit to the process

  • Develop a personal strategy that is reasonable and works

  • Change your self-talk…empower yourself

  • Do it for you

  • Do it now and document your process.

There is an old saying attributed to Henry Ford that sums the whole thing up: “If you believe you can, or believe you can’t …you’re right.”
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