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  • Mary Jane Ferriman

Just One Thing

You know, you don’t have to look too deep to get the feeling that the world has changed and, in many ways, not for the better. But not for me; I am an eternal optimist and have great belief in the power of good as an inherent part of human nature. I do not believe for a moment that the world is a bad place, but having said that, could it be better? Yes! Getting there is a team sport that does not require money or talent or anything other than an updated attitude!

We can change the world.

We can change our world.

This is the one-thing-challenge!

It could begin with something as simple as …letting someone in line.

Oh… I personally hate waiting in line. I’ve tested my endurance, my tolerance, even my ability to meditate but to no avail; When I am on a mission, it is still hard for me to pause and think of the other person’s needs.

I’m in a hurry; I’m on task, I want speed, I love efficiency! I don’t want to wait in the grocery store, at the gas station, in the merge lane, not any line! And PLEEZE, do NOT jump, squeeze, or coerce your way into the queue in front of me! I mean really?! Didn’t you notice that I noticed you …butt into the line? Hold on a minute and let’s think about this a bit. By me responding with frustration, I have just made their action, my problem I’m pissed and, they don’t care! In many cases they don’t even know I’m annoyed which adds insult to the injury. So, what would happen if I changed my response?

Instead of being incited, what if I reacted from a position of strength?

What If I actually welcome you into the line ahead of me?

What if I actually encourage you to take a place of prominence?

What if I allow you to be you to be privileged over me for the moment? What then? Does that make me weak, or …demonstrate confidence and power strength! Am I any worse off by relinquishing my position? Nope, it’s just one spot! I just became an example of reason, compassion, and humility.

I believe that in reacting positively, I can de-personalize the intrusion and neutralize any attached emotion. If only for just a moment, I can spare myself and the world around me a little grief.

As well, we have no idea what the positive spin off that acts of kindness might provoke in that person or in those watching. For sure, the world at least temporarily… is better for our intentional good deeds! I suspect that we all can learn to care a little less regarding our being put-out, slighted or angered by, little things.

In my experience when we relinquish the hold on any ego driven position, the miraculous can happen; kindness, softness, consolation, and explanation can unfold in the realignment. An onslaught of thanks and appreciation can unfurl with no provocation or expectation, bonus! I’ve been thanked with waves of the hands, nods of the head, thumbs up, and kind words. And at times, inevitably we do get run over by the freight train of ignorance, egotism, busyness, and disrespect.

Sometimes, no rather most times, in life when you take a breath, think kind rather than right, and leave the personal narrative behind …there is POWER in the PAUSE! It’s just one thing; let them in line. It’s the one thing challenge!

Let’s change the world!

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