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All life in its most simple of forms is nothing more than intelligent and purpose driven energy. In turn, absolutely all energy is in one form or another just one process...movement.

The more efficient the energy production: the more effective the movement. When examining the expression of life, the ideal end result of efficient energy production is a robust durability for the organism. The better the life expression: the greater the health, resilience and ultimately the potential for longevity. This is just logic. In my research exploration to create my own personal state of super-health, the over-arching motivator, was to discover the key determinants of life and then explore the most efficient strategies to influence and maximize their potential for repair, energy production and efficiency of function. I figured that in determining how to most effectively influence them, this knowledge should then in turn reasonably provide the paths to most effectively impact the enhancement of health and vitality (energy production). This subsequently led to my isolating what I believe to be the ‘five pillars of life’ which are also the key pathways to creating super-health.

As mentioned, the overarching purpose for each of the following five major determinants of life that you are about to learn about, is to maximize the efficiency of energy production for vitality, healing, and with that, weight management, resistance to disease and finally longevity. What I uncovered turned out to be a simple equation… energy production = quality of life. The greater the capacity and efficiency for unimpeded energy production, the better the organism performs, and this in turn becomes the key measure of overall health. The most fascinating thing about this approach to wellness is the fact that all of these pillars of health that we will explore can be readily influenced naturally. Each can be stimulated in order to improve energy metabolism, and with that influence weight loss, overall health, quality of life and ultimately even the way you age. As you will see, managing these core influences with efficiency could provide the best anti-disease and healthy-aging strategy you will ever find. They naturally accomplish this by doing nothing more complicated than keeping you functionally sound and vital as nature intended. This in turn is in perfect step with the thousands of generations of evolutionary adaptation the human body has undergone thus far. Our survival to date was no accident or a happening of chance. Rather, today we are the purposeful fulfillment of successful intelligent adaptations which have been fashioned over time to enhance life and protect the organism.

As we go on to examine the relevance of each of the pillars to life, you will witness how much of what we call disease, is actually a reflection of one or more of these key systems becoming functionally compromised. When this occurs, whether suddenly or over time the viability of life as a whole is impacted, eventually leading to illness. That weakness left unresolved, in turn leads to a greater predisposition to additional systemic breakdown and further manifestation of disease... Again, just logic! So, if we can find mechanisms to repair and normalize these key functions, in many cases, the restoration of health becomes a probability. I am about to present you with tools that have the potential to do just that.

The following are the five pillars to health that we are going to work on to move you away from disease and towards super-health:

  • Purposeful movement

  • Functional breathing

  • Optimum fluid intake

  • Systemic detoxification

  • Reasoned food management (including supplementation)

These, I believe to be the five foundational pillars necessary for reclaiming, maintaining and enhancing health. Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the offering. The program I will share with you to manage and maximize the efficiency of these pillars has been designed strategically, so it can be consistently accomplished by almost anyone in as broad a variety of circumstances as possible. Most importantly, done with discipline it works. The toughest thing holding back some of you will be wrapping your head around this somewhat outside of the box’ approach to attaining health. I encourage you to continue to be curious.

The traits found consistently with all forms of life in the animal kingdom are the following. From the largest to the smallest, every member of the animal kingdom must intellectually process the world around it (think), eat, and drink. It must also breathe; discharge waste, reproduce, and move. The methods of execution may vary from species to species, but to be classified as alive, all of these activities are mandatory. At first blush, these individual systems and processes referenced above, appear to function independently. But, upon closer inspection, in reality, they are totally interrelated, with the efficiency, or health of each, being in many ways a reflection of the viability of the sum of all of the parts. If one component starts to falter, it is not long before others follow suit. When all systems function optimally, the results are you have health. It is pretty much as simple as that...well almost! The real underlying purpose for all of this with perhaps the exception of reproduction, is the efficient creation of energy in order to effectively power every component and process contained within the body. This is really what governs health, and we will get into the importance of that a little later on.

It is easy to understand how food or drink is critical to our health. Death without breathing is certain, but the failure to digest food properly or discharge waste with efficiency, ultimately over time, ends you up in the same fatal place. So, if all the above is true...which of course it is, then could there not be a common denominator contained within these activities that is fundamentally essential to all life? If so, could that function and/or those processes be influenced in such a way as to stimulate our natural repair processes, normalize weight and re-establish health? I believe the answer is yes and the route to that end lies contained in the map of our evolution.

Over literally thousands of years, the human body has evolved into a consummate “health machine”.

All of our physical, chemical and intellectual component parts have been designed to allow us to effectively adapt to an ever-changing environment. Through the trial and error of genetic expression, manifested over thousands of generations, the humans have developed into a complete health factory, capable of growth, self-repair, homeostasis, vitality, and important to this writing—massive health potential. As we proceed, I will reveal how we can turn on those self-contained healing properties in order to stimulate and rebuild health and vitality. These keys to life and the genesis of super- health are embedded in those 6 processes mentioned above: purposeful movement, optimum hydration, functional breathing, reasoned food management, and systemic detoxification.

Sadly, we humans have bought into the erroneous belief that health is something that is inevitably lost as a normal part of aging, only to be replaced by disease, disability and suffering. We have also been conditioned to accept that once you are sick, that health can only be regained through the aid of medical intervention and often with an accompanying life sentence of prescription medications. I believe that this does not necessarily have to be the case, and that we have potential for much more control over our health than perhaps we have been led to believe.

For all of the technological advances and investment into sourcing a chemical solution to disease prevention and health maintenance, the answer to how do we stay healthy is neither complex nor magical. Rather, it is rooted in our evolution and the key component to all of this is movement.

Before you “pooh-pooh'' this as just a prelude to another exercise program, (which it is not), as you will see going forward, life as we know it, since the beginning of time, has always been, and will forever be, all about efficient generation of energy for the execution of movement. This statement is also true for every one of our functional life-systems that support the business of maintaining existence. In the following weeks, we are going to dive into each of these processes, and demonstrate their relevance to vitality and healing. Then, I will present what I believe to be the most efficient methodologies for fine-tuning them in order to improve their efficiency, and with that the vitality of the body as a whole… super-health!

This strategy works because it operates within the framework of our evolutionary path. It is based upon the key foundational elements of what it means to be alive and how each or those five core functions mentioned above, impacts vitality, health and conversely when compromised, the development of disease. It is designed to identify the overarching rationale for why the human body developed as it did and the key mechanisms responsible for sustaining life.

Then having laid down the groundwork, I will provide you with the tools to re-activate and maximize potentials for health within our genetically embedded blueprint for repair. I know this sounds a bit foreign and complex, but it really is not. The capacity for health and efficient repair are contained within your body. You have lived with these tools since your inception. This is going to perhaps bend your mind a bit and certainly challenge some ingrained conceptions on health and disease. Having said that, I assure you that once you experience the truth of what I am going to present, it could stimulate an “ah-ha” moment that will re frame your attitudes towards health, repair and aging forever. ....and for those who need it, yes you will lose weight in the process as your body functionally normalizes.

As we move forward to investigate each of the five pillars and their impact on health, the theoretical viability of the process should become crystal clear. At the end I will provide you with a simple three week long road map for executing the principles discussed within these writings. The program is designed to provide you with knowledge, tools, and motivation to help you start the process of improving your health and boosting vitality. Having said that, if you decide to pursue this offering, at the end of the 21 days, you will My intention is to generate so much positive feedback throughout the period of your participation that you see the 21 days as just the first stepping stone on the journey to super health.

First we are going to examine the role of each of the five component pillars and their impact upon weight management, repair, energy production, overall health improvement and longevity. We will then explore how we will stimulate these life processes to build and maintain health and lessen the impact of the aging process starting with the importance of functional movement.

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