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Getting old? or aging? - It's your choice.

It is understood that we inevitably age, but nobody wants to get old. What is the first thought that jumps to mind when I ask you what “Getting Old” means?

For by far the majority, thoughts of disability, disease and pain dominate the top ten. What if I was to share with you a secret that will do more to keep you healthy than any drug or vitamin, improve quality of life and be your best hedge against most of the diseases associated with aging.

The secret is simple: keep moving.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the process of aging is inactivity. It’s true, more people rust out than wear out in North American society. If you are over 40, you have probably had the experience of an elderly friend, surviving a fracture but failing to make it through the ensuing convalescence. Quite simply, the less mobile you are, the more susceptible you become to most of the diseases associated with aging. My experience of 34 years in practice has also demonstrated that the older the patient, the quicker the effects of immobility are seen and conversely the more active you are, the longer you live.

To punctuate what I am saying, it is simple fact that from an evolutionary perspective, we were engineered to move.  
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