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Fibromyalgia – The pain that never goes away.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most confounding and frustrating of clinical conditions for both patients and practitioners. Although this disease affects only 2-4% of the population, for those afflicted, it is devastating and often life altering. Although many potential triggers have been postulated, there is no consensus as to cause or cure, leaving sufferers often confused and alone in their fight to regain their lives.

Researchers from the prestigious Mayo Clinic believe that repeated nerve stimulation causes a lower pain threshold by increasing the sensitivity of the brain to pain signals. In other words, the more the brain is pounded with pain stimuli over time, the less stimulation needed to create discomfort.

Now, as a fibromyalgia sufferer, you know that the greatest source of your suffering comes from the joints, ligaments and muscles. Control of symptoms from these sources is key to any effective treatment strategy.

This in turn makes chiropractic a logical first line treatment option. By improving joint function and easing irritated tissues, chiropractic can be of massive benefit in helping to decrease the bombardment of pain and nerve irritation from these areas. We have found that reducing muscle and joint irritation also allows the patient to sleep more comfortably and therefore heal more effectively. We believe that Pro-adjuster chiropractic may even further heighten your chiropractic experience.

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