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Chiropractic Care for Young Adults (ages 20-40)

The requirements for care vary at the different stages of life. During the period of life from ages 20 through to the early 40’s most of us are actively engaged in the process of building a career, raising a family and still certainly engaging in many active sports and leisure activities.

Often during this period of our lives, cases that find their way into a chiropractic office are related to the following factors:

Injury related to the work environment. This may be in the form of acute trauma associated with a work related accident or repetitive strain often seen with work related activity where the demands of the job require the frequent repetition of an activity or posture.

Sports or leisure activity related injury. Here strain or sprain associated with being a “weekend warrior” can manifest in the form of back and neck strain or other joint or soft tissue injury.

Stress related injury or syndrome. For many this time in life is particularly stressful as we attempt to balance a full work schedule with the demands of raising a family and maintaining a house. Here headache, shoulder or neck pain seem to be the most common manifestations.

In all of the above, with the right care, conditions are usually resolved quickly and effectively. For most, the body during this period of our lives functions efficiently and heals well. Usually injures are not complicated by arthritis or other degenerative change and with the right care pain and dysfunction resolve completely. There unfortunately is another side to the coin. Clinical experience has demonstrated that if these conditions are not properly resolved, a tissue/joint weakness can remain. Research supports the assertion that this in turn can predispose the affected area to further injury or premature arthritic change. ----a bad thing!!!

Often you can save both pain and money by investing a bit of both when an incident occurs and getting it fixed.

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