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ARTHRITIS - “This Ache is a Pain”

Is the Pain I’m Experiencing a Form of Arthritis?

Every day I hear patients complain about pain and stiffness that they associate with arthritis. It is more likely that much of the pain we associate with aging is actually discomfort from inflammation that comes with the change in joint function that stimulates or compounds arthritis. For most, arthritis results from a breakdown in joint function due to wear and tear or injury and with this …pain!

I’ve Never Had Arthritis before. Why Now?

If you are an arthritis sufferer, here are some facts that you should find motivating as it is more common than one usually would imagine:

  • 1 in 6 Canadians has some type of arthritis and 60% are under age 65

  • In less than 15 yrs., it is estimated that 6 million Canadians will have arthritis, up from 4 million today

  • Our current lifestyle with poor diet and lack of physical activity is directly related to this horrific rise in incidence of arthritis

  • Arthritis/ mobility/ general health are directly related. The quality of your mobility is often a direct reflection of your overall health status.

How Can I Help Prevent Arthritis from Being a Part of My Life?

We have all heard the saying: “You are only as old as you feel”. Well, have you ever taken the time to figure out what it really means? Whether we are conscious of it or not, for most of us how we feel is usually a direct extension of how well we are getting around on any particular day. We usually measure this by the number of aches and pains we are experiencing or the general stiffness associated with going from point “A” to point “B”. This is a simple reflection of what is considered the aging process. Interestingly, science has proven that getting old, is not so much the counting of years, but rather a progressive slowing down associated with the mechanical breakdown of our physical bodies. This is commonly caused by arthritic changes or inflammation resulting from reduced mobility. Knees, hips and back slowly start to seize and as they do, much of the energy and vitality that we enjoyed with youth is sapped in the process.

Recently, there have been some fascinating studies into aging that have pointed fairly conclusively to the fact that the more mobile you are, the greater the likelihood of you fending off many of the diseases associated with aging including arthritis. Sure, as the saying goes: “Nobody gets out of here alive”, but enjoying life to the max of your potential is your right and the real key to successful aging. Remember, that improved function equals increased mobility which often spells pain relief and with it comes an improved quality of life.

How can I potentially reduce my arthritic aches and pains without medication?

There are some very exciting and leading edge alternative therapies that may help to address the pain associated with arthritis.

The advanced “ProAdjuster,” for example, is an extremely gentle computerized assisted chiropractic system that utilizes sine wave analysis to precisely evaluate and deliver treatment to help establish proper mobility in the spine and joints, even where arthritic changes may have already occurred. Another wonderful option is Theralase© Laser Light therapy that is proven to reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Furthermore, Acupuncture is yet another form of therapy that when delivered by highly experienced certified practitioners, is known to effectively treat arthritic pain. These and more exceptional therapies that have been implemented at our clinic have provided relief for patients suffering debilitating pain from arthritis.

Dr. Pooley has been treating patients with spine, muscle and joint dysfunction for over 30 years. He currently oversees a team of highly skilled doctors and registered therapists at the Spinal Decompression Centre located at 190 Wortley Road in London, 519-850-7321. All leading therapies that may address arthritic conditions noted in this article are available at the Spinal Decompression Centre.

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