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Sports and Rehabilitation

Sports & Rehab Therapy

This is among the most complex and demanding challenges faced by any health care practitioner.


Here experience reigns. Due to the levels of fitness and conditioning possessed by many athletes, the needs for the appropriate treatment when injury or dysfunction occur are often more complex and demanding than those normally experienced in much of day to day practice.


The need for quick, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment is paramount as often the demands of sport far outreach what would be considered everyday normal levels of activity. Here diagnostic experience and diversity of treatment options ensures as rapid and complete a recovery as possible.


With our combination of 60 plus years of clinical experience combined with the understanding of the often unique needs of the athlete make us at “C.A.R.E.” the facility of choice for many of Elgin County’s premiere athletes.


All of our doctors participate in a wide variety of sporting and athletic activities, giving them a first-hand understanding of the functional mechanics of sports and related injury. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or a weekend warrior, we are committed and equipped to assess and effectively treat your injuries or help you achieve your fitness goals.


We have access to some of the best related practitioners such as physiotherapists, kinesiologists and some of the best personal trainers in South-western Ontario to fully address your treatment, rehabilitation and fitness needs.

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