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A Little Self-Diagnosis to Help You Out

There are some key questions in determining whether or not you are suffering from a condition requiring professional care. If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, we suggest that you may have a condition serious enough to warrant immediate professional attention.

  1. Are you experiencing pain that has been essentially ongoing for longer than 72 hrs.?—yes___no___

  2. In the area that you have discomfort, can you reproduce the pain through movement or palpation (applying light to moderate pressure)? Yes___ No___

  3. Is there numbness or tingling associated with your discomfort? Yes___No___

  4. Is swelling evident with associated restriction? Yes___No___

  5. Have you been taking pain medication for the injury for a period of longer than 48 hrs. with little or no change in symptoms? Yes___No___

  6. Does the discomfort keep you awake at night? Yes___No___

  7. Have you consulted another health care practitioner with little or no positive change in discomforts? Yes___No___

  8. Do you find that increases in activity serve to aggravate your discomfort? Yes___No___

  9. Do you avoid certain daily activities fearing discomfort or pain? Yes___No___

  10. Have you noticed a decrease in strength associated with your discomfort? Yes___No___

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